1 First up, you need a registration code. You may have purchased one from Richard, or been given one as a gift, or you can buy one online.

2 Go to the Banjo Blue Welcome page and put your registration code into the ‘Create Account’ box.

3 Press the GO button and create your account. From then on, whenever you want to draw cartoons, just go to the Banjo Blue Welcome page and log in with your email and password. Your subscription will last for 12 months.


Will Banjo Blue’s Cartoon Workshop work on any computer?
Yes. Because Banjo Blue’s Cartoon Workshop is an Internet website, you can view the program with any computer or tablet web browser.

Do I need an Internet connection?

Will you add new cartoons to the website?
Yes. Richard is always creating new cartoons and these will be regularly added to the website. So you’ll always have something new to draw!

How do I get better at drawing cartoons?
Relax and have fun! Your drawing will naturally improve as you practise. And remember... there are no wrong answers!

How long does a subscription last?
12 months.

What happens when my subscription runs out?
We’ll send you a reminder email at 11 months. You’ll have to log in to Banjo Blue’s Cartoon Workshop and renew your subscription for another 12 months.

What payment methods do you accept?
Credit card or PayPal.

Do you automatically take money from my account at renewal?
Never! The decision to renew your subscription for another 12 months is entirely yours.

Can my registration code be used by another person?
No. Once you’ve used your registration code to create your account, the code is de-activated and cannot be used again.


If you’d like to find out more about Richard Galbraith and his books
and cartoons, you can visit his website at www.dustydog.com.au